Fit-to-Work ‘The Post-MVA Rehabilitation Program’

What is the Exercise Program all about?

The Fit-to-Work Program is a three-hour daily attendance program supervised by a registered Physiotherapist and conducted by our Kinesiologist. The goal of the program is to return the patient to their pre-injury work/ activity level and assist them in incorporating a healthy lifestyle. Cardiovascular exercises, spinal stability exercises, specific and general stretches, individualized regime of graduated resisted strengthening exercises, pool exercises and education sessions are key components of the program. The program is conducted at the Watermania Aquatic Centre, with state-of-the art facilities, including a fully-equipped weight room and 50m pool. The projected length of the program is four to six weeks. Initial, progress and discharge reports are sent to the referring physician and insurance adjuster.

Program Components

• Cardiovascular exercises

• Strength training

• Flexibility stretching

• Core stability

• Hydrotherapy

• Work simulation

• Education

• Stress management

How do we measure improvement?

Each participant will receive a journal book for their exercises, where daily progress will be recorded. In addition, various standardized outcome measures including grip strength, standardized questionnaires, and functional capabilities will be evaluated.

Why choose active therapy?

The “Quebec Task Force on Whiplash Associated Disorders” by Spitzer et al. (1995) investigated the world literature on whiplash. Based on their findings they recommended that ‘active exercise as part of a multimodal intervention was shown to be beneficial.’ They also recommended that prevention, education, and early return to usual activities are key components in whiplash management.

The treatment in the Fit-to-Work program is based on available research and encourages an early, safe and successful return to work.

How much will it cost?

•   $200 initial assessment (including initial report and discharge report)
•   $85.00 per session

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