Physiotherapists are health care professionals who diagnose injuries and provide hands-on treatment, electrical modalities and exercise prescription to address movement dysfunction. Physiotherapists also plan and implement individual treatment programs to treat specific injuries, based on a detailed assessment. At our Clinic, we have Therapists that are trained in performing Acupuncture and Vestibular Rehabilitation, in addition to other conventional modalities of treatment.

Your first appointment involves an assessment, physical diagnosis and treatment.

Your Physiotherapist will ask you many questions about your problem including how and when it occurred. Your current symptoms, your general health history and the physical requirements of your job and leisure activities will also be noted. This will assist in understanding the nature of your problem and what is needed to return to your normal, pre-injury lifestyle.

Your physiotherapist will then physically examine the problem area. Several tests will be performed to fully evaluate your complaint- such as range of motion, strength tests, muscle and joint integrity, and ligament stability tests.

Based on the above assessment, your Physiotherapist will discuss your problem with you, and will develop a treatment plan to best reduce pain, increase mobility and strength, and to help you return to your pre-injury state.

Your Physiotherapist has many treatment options from which to choose. These may include manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilizations, muscle release, passive stretches; electrical modalities such as ultrasound, laser, electrical stimulation; exercise, ergonomic/postural counseling and acupuncture. Each treatment plan will be developed to suit your personal situation, taking into account several factors such as your activity level, work demands, physical fitness, time available to exercise, and affordability of subsequent treatments, just to name a few.

You will be advised on how to manage your condition independently to enable a full recovery and how to prevent avoidable recurrences or complications. Your progress will be measured regularly and your treatment will be adjusted as indicated, based on re-assessment.

In order to be successful, the treatment will always involve your active participation, in the form of clinic exercises, a home exercise program and often a combination of heat/ice.